Feeling Green

The top color for  kitchens in the 1960’s was avocado green. Isn’t it beautiful? I know when you first saw the photo you felt a certain nostalgia. Either for that kitchen from that hit 60’s tv show- or from your own youth, this color has to hit home in some way. Even if it doesn’t – it should make you feel homey. Green is one of the most popular kitchen color choices, whether it’s the walls, furniture or decor – because it evokes an ethereal warmness that you cannot help but love. We at Sunflower Furniture are feeling green – (especially this classic hue), but it a good way! Check it out:
Curvy Dining Chair
Upholstered Chair, Birch Green

Thelma Rug
Kya Lamp

Revamp your bedroom by Livening up your Night Stands

Nestled by the bed, nightstands are the best compliment to any bedroom. They can’t help but steal the spotlight, since they flank the main purpose of the room. Nightstands provide the perfect platform to showcase your creativity. From their decorations to placement, spending some time organizing your nightstand goes a long way. They have the potential to illuminate the room, so don’t miss out on this potential. Even though they are constantly under scrutiny, nightstands have a way of getting neglected. On top of accumulating ungodly amounts of clutter, many people fail to decorate them properly. This is more than just a missed opportunity, since it can drain even the most vibrant d├ęcor. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to liven up nightstands. They aren’t always obvious, so we compiled a list of the best methods. Discover what your nightstand is missing with this eye-opening list!
Best Ways to Liven Up Your Nightstand
Method #1: Add Some Flowers – Every space can use some vegetatio…

Modloft: Luxurious, Bold Style

Since opening, Modlofthas been one of our best selling brands and we know exactly the reason why — they offer incredible furniture for all types of modern and contemporary home designs. Whether you’re looking for furnish an urban city loft or a classic modern home Modloft has you covered. With pieces for any space, from the dining room to the bedroom, you’ll be amazed by the bold, luxurious style that enters your home when you take one of these pieces home.  Check out our website to see our selection of Modloft furniture!

Modern Loft Living

Modern Loft Living- Get the look!

After a long day of running around, it’d be nice to just kick your feet up with a magazine in a space that looks as stylish and modern as this. This industrial-modern loft-style living room features two of our classic products- the Arched Chair, and the Aquarius 20" Side Table in Black. Add a shaggy rug for extra coziness, and an industrial lamp to create the look in your own home. Modern Loft-Style Living is as easy as 1,2,3!


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